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How to add tweets to a Twitter thread ✍️

Thread Creator makes writing a Twitter thread super simple. All you have to do is just start writing and the tweets appear like magic.

To make things even simpler, we've created a quick guide to explain how to add tweets to your threads on Thread Creator.

For those who like to learn by watching instead of reading, you can check the video below.

Video guide for adding tweets a Twitter thread

Step-by-step guide to adding tweets to a Twitter thread

  1. Make sure you have a Thread Creator account and you are logged in. If not, then sign up to Thread Creator before you start.
  2. Login or Sign up
  3. Next, go ahead and click on the "Compose Thread" button in the top left of the screen.
  4. Compose a thread
  5. To add your first tweet, just start typing in the text area. You should see your first tweet appear in the preview pane as you begin to type.
  6. To add your second tweet, simply hit enter / return on your keyboard three times, and then start typing your second tweet. As before, you should start to see your second tweet in the preview pane.
  7. Optional: You could click on the "+" sign next to your first tweet in the preview pane, and then click on "Add tweet". This will add a new tweet to the bottom of your thread for you, with some placeholder text.
  8. Add a tweet
  9. Once you're ready, you can either publish your thread immediately, or schedule your thread for later!

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