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What is a Twitter thread maker?

Because of Twitters character limit of 280, to create a longer tweet you must create a Thread. A thread is a collection of tweets that are posted in reply to each other. This thread maker makes it easier to seperate a long bit of text into seperate tweets that you can then copy and paste into your Twitter post.

How does this Twitter thread maker work?

Just paste your long text into the input, and add the characters [] where ever you want the thread to be split automatically. We will then use either spaces or punctation to break up the rest of the text if it's over the 280 character limit.

How can I post a thread on Twitter?

Once you've created your thread, you can use a tool like to draft and automatically publish your threads, which is far easier than doing it in Twitter manually.

What happened to

We loved the simple tool Daniel created, so we acquired it from him and have built the exact same tool into a free tool here.