Twitter Character Counter

Check your tweet length exactly as it will appear on Twitter.

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What is a Twitter character counter?

A Twitter character counter is a simple tool that tells you how long your tweet is so that you can make sure it's under the limit of 280. Twitter has different values for emojis and links menaing it's better to use a Twitter character counter to check the length.

What's the Twitter character limit?

The standard character limit is 280 however since June 2023, if you're a Twitter blue subscriber you can post tweets up to 25,000 characters long although only the first 280 characters will be show on the timeline.

Why are some emojis counted as 2 or more characters?

Due to the encoding of emojis, some may have a value of more than 1 character. THis is the case when using "double" emojis as they usually count as 2 chaarcater and sometimes even 3. This caharacter counter will take this into account to give you an accurate character count.