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How to schedule a Twitter thread 😎

Creating a long Twitter thread on the Twitter app or Twitter website can be really cumbersome at times.

It can often take up to an hour to get your thread created, with each tweet looking just right. It's a pretty risky endeavour, as you can't save your draft thread and there is no way to schedule it to be posted later either.

Thread Creator aims to solve some of these problems. You can easily create a draft, much like you would start writing a new blog post or word document. You can save unlimited drafts, and most importantly, you can either schedule your threads to be posted on a date and at a time of your choosing, or you can post them immediately, if you like.

We've created a step-by-step guide on how to schedule your Twitter thread below.

If you prefer to learn something while watching a video instead, then watch this 3 minute demo, otherwise, skip ahead to the guide below the video.

Video guide for scheduling a Twitter thread

Step-by-step guide to scheduling a Twitter thread

  1. Login or Sign up to Thread Creator
  2. Login or Sign up
  3. Click on "Compose Thread" in the top left of the screen.
  4. Compose a thread
  5. Type out your thread in the input area, or copy and paste the contents of your thread from another document or blog post. Be sure to separate each tweet with three line breaks. You should see new tweets start to appear in the preview pane on the right hand side.
  6. Write your tweets
  7. To add an image to a tweet, click on the (+) sign to the right of the tweet in the preview pane and add an image to your tweet.
  8. Click on the "Schedule" button.
  9. Schedule thread
  10. Choose a date and time for when you would like your thread to be published to Twitter.
  11. Schedule thread
  12. Hit the schedule button and you are done!
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