Show when a thread will be automatically retweeted

You can now easily find which threads will be automatically retweeted.

Connect up to three Twitter accounts

Pro users can now connect and send threads from up to three different Twitter accounts

Fullscreen mode

You can now switch to a fullscreen editing mode for more focused work.

Auto split text into tweets

Pro plan customers can now split up text into tweet sized paragraphs automatically.

Released Pro plan

Introduced a Pro plan with advanced scheduling and automation features.

Improved image uploads

Improved the image uploader to allow for adding images to any tweet, and adding multiple images (Pro plan)

Small visual update

Updated some of the site colors and layouts, as well as updated the header section. More visual updates coming soon!

Bug fix

Fixed a minor bug that was causing tweets with a very specific character in them to fail to send. This was an extreme edge case, but is now resolved.

Added a changelog

I've added a changelog to the site so that everyone can easily see what new feature or updates have been added recently.

Added link to view thread on Twitter

I've added a link to view the published thread on Twitter directly from the app.
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